Develop a successful career

At CIRSA we encourage our professional talent through every phase of their career, no matter what field they work in. The internationalisation of the company and businesses, together with our corporate departments, provide you with a wide range of opportunities to develop a successful career.

Employees can apply for the Corporate MBA through the CIRSA Corporate University (UCC), a course led by professors from leading business schools such as La Salle, UPC, and EADA.

International growth is a prevailing theme at the company. Our employees are in constant contact with headquarters located across 9 countries, strengthening our group’s global vision.


“I joined CIRSA 13 years ago as an SAP consultant. I've since participated in, and led, cross-cutting projects at an international level that have changed the corporate culture of the company and have made me grow personally and professionally. Working in a company that commits to technology and innovation allows you to create and build, which has undoubtedly enriched me as a professional.”

César Balairon

Director of Technologies and Systems