It’s all about variety

Our CIRSA gaming rooms are packed full of ways to spend your leisure time.

eBingo machines

They’re officially known as video bingo machines and are based exclusively on bingo and its variants. But unlike traditional or electronic bingo, eBingo is offered in terminals, with people playing individually rather than in groups.

Sports betting houses

You can make sports bets in CIRSA bingo halls through Sportium (a leading brand in the sector). There’s a huge variety of bets to place, from the more traditional sports such as football, basketball, tennis, or racing, to horse racing and greyhound racing, among others. Prizes are credited directly in the rooms.

Arcade games

Pay a price per game, and our new arcade games will grant you a playing time. Eventually, depending on the programme, you’ll get an instant cash prize.

Electronic roulette

With a randomised ball draw system, you can request different prizes according to the bet you’ve placed. These roulette games include between 4 and 10 players.