Interconnection systems


Interconnection systems

“Connected to win”

UNIDESA Interactive focuses its activity on the design, development, and marketing of interconnection and management systems for the HORECA channel, casinos, gaming rooms, and bingo halls, under the trademark FORWARD SYSTEMS

A global solution to optimise your machines

This clear, intuitive and modularly-integrated tool is tailored to the specific needs of your stock of machines and ensures optimum management. Used in the most demanding national and international markets, the thousands of machines interconnected by FORWARD SYSTEMS worldwide are proof of this system’s absolute security.


LATIN AMERICA 21,850 Machines connected
in 160 casinos
SPAIN 2,400 Machines connected
in 770 establishments
81 Connected bingo halls
450 Video-lottery machines
connected in 92 gaming rooms
ITALY 14,830 Machines in
3,500 establishments
200 Video-lottery machines
connected in 80 gaming rooms
AFRICA 96 Connected machines
NORWAY 140 Connected machines