Betting houses


Bet on the winner

Sportium betting houses have a presence throughout the whole of Spain, with more than 2,700 outlets.

Kitted out with everything you need

Sportium betting houses and third party outlets are all 100% dedicated to sports betting. Both settings have touch screen self-service terminals for you to quickly and easily place bets, big screens to follow the main live competitions, and information screens showing all available rates. They also show in-depth statistical information to help clients make savvy betting decisions.

Feel the excitement

All establishments include trained staff to help and advise users while they enjoy a 360 degree sporting experience in a modern space with maximum functionality.

More than 2,500 betting houses


69,972 clients/week 468 employees 2,550 outlets in Spain
7,806 weekly events with
live betting
1 R&D team 1,313 establishments
1,100 bars 701 different
betting modes
60 types of bets 4,7 M bets/month