This is about protecting everyone in the CIRSA Group and our company’s reputation with our stakeholders. Continuing to move forward in our culture of compliance is not an obligation but rather the belief that we have the right tools to identify any possible risk of wrongdoing and remedy it.

Your cooperation is invaluable. Any potentially fraudulent behaviour in our company has an adverse impact on all of us in the Group and on society as a whole; we listen to you!

The CIRSA Group champions the principles of ethics, integrity, respect for the law, transparency and honesty and rejects any kind of wrongful conduct. Our operations are designed to make sure that everyone who is part of the company strictly complies with the law at all times and in every place where these operations are carried out. Likewise, and as stipulated in our Code of Conduct, we uphold strict compliance with the company’s commitments and obligations in relations with customers, suppliers, partners and our surroundings in general. This is the foundation for preventing any potentially unlawful actions which would have a significant impact on our reputation and business.

This compliance is one of the reasons why we are a leader in our industry and a benchmark in business.

To help identify any potential offences related to breaches of laws, regulations and our Code of Conduct, the Company has an Ethics Hotline Channel in place to detect and report any potentially significant misconduct that may occur in our company. These reports can be made completely anonymously at the whistleblower’s choice. The Channel also ensures complete confidentiality.

We need your help to prevent and counter possible wrongdoing. Based on your input, the company can identify potential misconduct at an early stage, investigate suspected perpetrators and prevent further harm.

If you have any additional questions or comments, you can obtain more information through the Oficina Antifrau de Catalunya ( or see the Ethics Hotline Channel’s ‘Seeking Advice’ section.

Visit the Ethics Hotline Channel:

More information on the Ethics Hotline Channel