Unique clients, unique casinos

Thanks to our constant innovation and experience, CIRSA casinos offer all our clients a comprehensive entertainment experience.

A personalised leisure experience

At CIRSA casinos we know every client is unique – this is our driving force. We understand our visitors, which means we can always offer the best leisure options for each and every one.

From traditional offerings such as gaming tables, arcade games, betting, and poker,
to the comfort of our dining options, and exciting shows.

CIRSA varies playing options and offers leisure choices tailored to the entertainment culture of the countries we operate in.

Each casino’s website gives you the option to check out our extensive dining options and variety of shows… add that extra something to your leisure experience.

Loyalty Club

CIRSA Winner Club is the group’s loyalty club. We operate our loyalty program in most CIRSA casinos, rewarding customer loyalty with points that can be exchanged for credits and other exclusive benefits.

Excellence is our group’s raison d’être

Our staff’s know-how and professionalism, the result of continuous training at CIRSA casino training schools, mean the service you receive is always in line with our own unique way of working and personality.

48 Traditional casinos 6 National 98 Electronic casinos
42 International 18,7 M Visitors
20,961 Casino machines 2,400 Poker tournaments
26,192 International 552 National +4,900 Non-gaming events

Crossing borders

We have 149 casinos in 8 out of the 9 countries CIRSA operates in, with 50 million clients passing through our doors each year.