We have restaurants specialized in more than 20 types of cuisine from different countries and suitable for all palates. Furthermore, the Group's restaurants are not only a place of culinary worship, they are also spaces where gastronomic days, themed cooking sessions, tastings, pairings and signature cuisine tastings are held, among other activities.



We offer global, varied and quality entertainment. More than 6,500 shows a year with national and international artists. Music, magic, illusionism, humor... A complete selection in which you will surely find something for you.

Loyalty club

CIRSA Winner Club is the Group's loyalty club. This loyalty program is present in all CIRSA casinos and rewards the loyalty of our customers by granting exclusive benefits to their affiliates.

Our numbers

At CIRSA Casinos we have the widest and most modern offer of entertainment and gaming.




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Poker tournaments


Chance Machines


Game tables


Non-gaming events

American roulette

It is one of the most distinguished and representative games in the casino. You choose your favorite numbers on the table and the dealer throws the ball into the roulette wheel. The rest is determined by chance.


You against the dealer, and whoever gets closest to 21, without going over, will win. Do you accept the challenge?

Baccarat/Point and Banking

James Bond's favorite game (007). It is a card game in which clients face the house, betting on one of the two possible options: Punto or Banca. The option that obtains a score closest to nine wins.

Poker tournament

Do you want to participate in one? Come to one of the CIRSA casinos where many of them are held annually. Without a doubt, one of the big draws. Check the tournament calendar on the website of each center.

Poker against the house

Demonstrate your skill by facing the dealer in any of our modalities of the most popular game in the world. If you win, you can reach very interesting multipliers.

Circle Poker

The players play with each other. The casino only takes a commission for bets. Put on your best poker face and try to trick your rivals to emerge triumphant.

Slot machines

Enjoy our slot machines that offer you million-dollar progressive jackpots. Every day we deliver thousands of prizes to our clients. Try your luck and discover the best and most modern games in our casinos.


The hype, the numbers, the lines and the desired bingo are present in CIRSA casinos in addition to other prizes thanks to special games, raffles and promotions.

Sports book

Discover the best sports betting corners in our casinos, where you can demonstrate your knowledge in the best markets and with a great offer of your favorite sports in our betting terminals, in person.


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