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In-house Service

Amusement Machines, the best service for your business

At CIRSA, we provide you with our own commercial and service network, with national coverage through 23 branches. Currently, the management of amusement machines is a service available in Spain and Italy.


Commercial Network

Having one of the broadest commercial networks in the industry is one of our greatest achievements.

All our commercial agents are continually trained on new products and technologies, thereby enhancing the overall entertainment offering for all your customers. You will receive personalized service, always with a single point of contact.

Do you want to install an amusement machine?

If you want an amusement machine in your establishment with all the advantages offered by the CIRSA Group, simply contact us by phone, and we will take care of everything

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Professional Guidance

Get firsthand knowledge of the entertainment industry and become a part of it. CIRSA offers you comprehensive professional guidance to understand all aspects related to installing an amusement machine in your establishment.

Administrative Permits

The administrative part can be daunting at times. That's why we accompany you from start to finish in obtaining the necessary administrative permits.

Comprehensive Service

You won't have to worry about a thing. At CIRSA, we provide you with a comprehensive on-site service to ensure your machine is always in perfect condition

Personal Manager

With CIRSA, you'll never feel alone. We will assign you a dedicated leisure manager as your point of contact to help you with any questions or concerns.

The Best Technology

You will always have the best and most innovative products available at your establishment, and they will be updated as frequently as possible.

Our Figures

With over 4,000 employees in our Gaming Halls, we offer our customers an extraordinary gaming experience and exclusive attention.




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