Life at CIRSA

Company culture

The human team at CIRSA is the fundamental pillar of the Group, which is why we make an effort to take care of our staff.


People and Talent


The well-being of our employees is one of our top priorities. Our strategy to attract the best talent includes providing the best work environment to achieve work-life balance.

Health, safety, and working conditions

People and Talent

Health, safety, and working conditions

We provide a safe working environment, as well as the best working conditions to all our employees

Diversidad, Igualdad e Inclusión

Personas y talento

Diversidad, Igualdad e Inclusión

Nos aseguramos que la Diversidad, Igualdad e Inclusión sean una realidad dentro del Grupo, actuando y promoviendo la integridad, el respeto y la justicia.

Ethics and Solidarity

People and Talent

Ethics and Solidarity

We work to benefit the communities where we operate, supporting our local suppliers and seeking to generate a positive impact on society.

Professional development

People and Talent

Professional development

We motivate our staff so that each one takes ownership of their performance and their own development. To do this, we have comprehensive training programs and encourage internal promotion


Physical activity

We offer classes in Yoga, Cross-Training, Pilates, and Crossfit, among other activities. Additionally, we have sports clubs for paddle, running, and biking

Healthy nutrition

We have created initiatives with the goal of improving our employees' knowledge and awareness of healthy eating habits.

Emotional well-being

We promote activities to improve the emotional well-being of our employees, such as mindfulness and laughter therapy.

Smart pills

Within the Group's training program, we offer intensive courses focused on the personal growth of employees.



Training hours for staff


Training initiatives throughout the group


courses for our staff per year

Formación continua / específica

We carry out training activities that help our teams to continue developing in their positions:

  • Digital transformation
  • Management development
  • Change and innovation management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Compliance with legal regulations"

Language college

We believe in and are strongly committed to the idea that languages contribute to the personal and professional growth of each of our employees. For this reason, we seek personalized solutions that can:

  • Adapt to the learning needs and level of the participant
  • Support work-life balance through flexible scheduling

 - Facilitar la movilidad

Scholarship program

Through the International Scholarship Program of the CIRSA Corporate University (UCC), employees can benefit from scholarships to pursue studies that complement their knowledge and professional experiences

Development program

Throughout our journey, we have internally developed development plans tailored to each business division and country to promote the growth of our employees on a global level.