Ethics Hotline

We are talking about protecting all individuals who are part of the CIRSA Group and the reputation of our company in the face of our stakeholders. Advancing in our compliance culture is not an obligation but the conviction that we have the necessary tools to detect any possible risk of irregular conduct and rectify it.

Your collaboration is very valuable. Possible fraudulent behavior in our company has a negative impact on all of us who are part of the Group and on society as a whole. We are listening to you!

Ethics, integrity, respect for legality, transparency, and honesty are principles we uphold at the CIRSA Group, thus rejecting any irregular actions. Our activity is designed so that every person in the Company strictly complies with the current legality at all times and in every place where such activity is located. Likewise, as stated in our Code of Conduct, we uphold the strict compliance with the commitments and obligations of the Company regarding our relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and our environment in general. This is the foundation to prevent any possible illicit act that would have a strong impact on our reputation and our own business.

This compliance is one of the factors that allows us to be one of the leading companies in our sector and a benchmark at the business level.

To facilitate the detection of any possible crime related to non-compliance with laws and regulations and our Code of Conduct, the Company has the Ethics Hotline, which allows detecting and reporting possible irregularities of potential significance that may occur within our company. If the user wishes, this communication is completely anonymous. Additionally, it ensures full confidentiality. We need your help to prevent and combat possible illicit acts. Based on your indications, the company can identify possible irregular acts at an early stage, investigate potential perpetrators, and prevent further harm.

If you have any doubts or additional comments, you can obtain more information through the Office of Antifraud of Catalonia ( or go to the Advice section of the Ethics Hotline itself.

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