Gaming Halls

Gaming Halls



The multioffer takes over the gaming halls

CIRSA has successfully transformed Gaming Halls (bingos and gaming rooms) into newer, more modern, and comfortable gaming spaces, where customers can find a wide variety of products.

Continuously, the Group's bingo halls incorporate highly specialized technological innovations while maintaining excellence in any of the processes... from the simplicity of calling a number (Bingos), or winning a prize (Gaming Rooms) to the complexity of interconnecting different halls to offer bigger prizes.



The hospitality service allows for the offering of healthy and balanced menus, prepared with local and seasonal products, as well as drinks, coffees, teas, or snacks, thus covering all the gastronomic needs of the customers.


Gaming Xperience

We have implemented in the gaming halls market a new leisure experience based on playability, comfort, prizes, and dedicated customer service.

A local leisure space has been created where gaming and entertainment merge to offer a completely personalized experience. Each of the Gaming Halls operates in an interconnected manner, offering players common prizes and the same quality of service and experience throughout Spain.



Club TOKA is the exclusive club for our Gaming Halls customers. It is designed and created to offer a complete leisure experience. Enjoy the exclusive benefits of being a member and take advantage of its promotions, offers, and advantages.

Enjoy your Club TOKA!

Our Figures

With over 4,000 employees in our Gaming Halls, we offer our customers an extraordinary gaming experience and exclusive attention.




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Arcade machines

The new amusement machines, in exchange for a fee per game, grant you a playtime and, eventually – according to the program – an instant cash prize.

Electronic roulette

With a random ball launch system, you can vie for different prizes based on the bet you've placed. These roulette games accommodate from 4 to 10 players.

Traditional bingo

Traditional bingo enthusiasts can continue to enjoy it just as they always have. The drum, the numbers, the lines, and the coveted bingo are still available for you. Additionally, the halls will offer you other prizes through special games, draws, and promotions.

Electronic bingo

This bingo variant is based on the traditional version but is entirely conducted through an automated system. Players request electronic cards and, through a terminal, participate together with customers from the same hall as well as from other locations in each of the games.

eBingo machines

Legally, they are known as video bingo machines and are machines exclusively based on the game of bingo and its variations. However, unlike traditional bingo or electronic bingo, this type of game is offered on terminals in an individual format and not as a collective game.

Sports betting

In CIRSA bingo halls, sports betting is carried out through Sportium (a leading brand in the sector). The betting offer ranges from the most traditional sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, or motorsports, to horse racing and greyhound races, among others. Prizes are paid directly in the halls.