Our communication campaign internally and externally about Responsible Gaming provides customers and employees with the necessary tools to make gambling safe, enjoyable, and social.

In all our venues, responsible gaming practices are visibly implemented, including tips for responsible play through brochures, screens, and information panels, self-assessment tests, and explicit prohibition of access to minors under 18 years of age

Responsible Gaming
for our employees

At the end of 2022, we completed Responsible Gaming training for a total of


Trained employees


approved employees.


employees trained in 2023

Collaboration with public and private entities


Association Center for Catalan Social Addictions

We collaborate closely with ACENCAS (Catalan Center for Social Addictions Association), dedicated not only to helping those who suffer from gambling-related harm but also their close circles


Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers

The collaboration has the common interest of promoting active policies and principles of Responsible Gaming. This agreement allows us, among other things, to support and participate in actions related to Responsible Gaming, as well as include information in our Responsible Gaming brochures about the toll-free helpline for problem gambling assistance.

C.A.T Barcelona

Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers

We have been collaborating since 2017 in order to promote the study and development of therapeutic programs for pathological gambling or ludopathy. We also subsidize treatment for individuals who require it and meet the established requirements in our collaboration

Mercados regulados


More than 99% of CIRSA's staff is from the local communities where the company generates its revenue

CIRSA is committed to operating exclusively in regulated markets through local companies, thereby contributing to the development of the communities where we are present, through the payment of taxes on gaming and corporate activities (662 million euros).

Innovation and Artificial Intelligence


 Innovation and

Artificial Intelligence

We want to ensure a safe online gaming experience for our customers. To achieve this goal, we apply AI technologies, using a predictive computational model known as a "supervised artificial neural network," to monitor, detect, and profile our customers. This allows us to protect them by identifying potential signs of problematic gambling behavior.

The system monitors various parameters:

  • Frequency/time
  • Economic
  • Activity/volume
  • Other factors

Reinforcement of Self-Exclusion

Reinforcement of


The generation of a culture of Responsible Gaming is largely based on empowering our customers. In line with this commitment, we want each customer to be able to adapt their circumstances to the gaming experience. For example, in 2022, 2,738 players set betting limits. Additionally, we manage a self-exclusion program that allows customers to voluntarily exclude themselves from participating in gambling whenever they choose to do so.


Self-Exclusions (Online Gambling)


In 2022, 2,738 players set limits on their bets.

Social awareness



In gaming halls

We are implementing the global communication plan "In CIRSA We Are Responsible Gaming" in all our gaming halls, which is tailored to the needs of our customers and employees. As part of this communication plan, we display awareness messages related to Responsible Gaming in all our operations.

In online gaming

In online gaming, we provide our customers with the necessary information to feel secure when interacting with us. We also provide information about the tools parents can use to prevent minors from accessing online gaming, as well as information about website self-exclusion.

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