CIRSA earned €147.5 million in operating profit in the third quarter of 2022

Terrassa, 23 November 2022 – CIRSA, a leading global gaming and entertainment company and Spain’s market leader, reported an operating profit of €147,5 million in the third quarter of 2022 (+46,7% vs. Q3 2021). Operating income from July to September was €466,8 million (+39,4% vs. Q3 2021). Compared to pre-COVID figures in 2019, operating profit in the third quarter increased by +24,3%.

In the first nine months of 2022, the company accumulated an EBITDA of €397,9 million and an operating

income of €1.245,2 million.

These results confirm the company’s upward revision from last October, which it provided to the markets, improving its third-quarter forecast by more than €12 million. This improvement is due to the excellent implementation of operational plans by the different business units amid an environment of macroeconomic and geopolitical adversity.

Q3 2022 Highlights


  • In the third quarter, we were able to increase pre-pandemic activity thanks to the recovery, an increase in visits and the strict execution of commercial plans. Our revenue continued to improve in all countries, surpassing those of 2019 in this quarter, despite some restrictions being maintained in some of them. It is worth noting the good performance of the three casinos in Morocco after they opened on 5 May.


  • The Slot Route Operation division maintained its positive trend from previous periods despite being a challenging quarter for hospitality establishments in Spain, especially as a result of significant cost increases, and those related to energy. Continued investment in curating our innovative and cutting-edge product offering has been a determining factor. In this aspect, the good performance of UNIDESA’s Manhattan and Kong Chita models (Division B2B) continued to stand out.


  • The first two quarters of the year were still impacted by the effects of the pandemic on the economy. Even so, Italy managed to improve revenues on VLT machines and Bingo halls, maintaining the AWP’s activities in the hospitality channel.


  • The Arcades division maintained the trend of positive results due mainly to the action plans implemented that focused on customer satisfaction.


  • The results of the online gaming and sports betting division were very favourable, with significant increases compared to the previous year. All of this was due to an excellent reactivation, coinciding with the start of the main sports competitions. In addition, efficient marketing management, as well as customer intelligence, continue pushing the consistent improvement in results. In addition, the recent acquisition of 60% of the Italian company E-Play24 has allowed the division to enter the Italian online gaming market and double its turnover.


  • During the third quarter, the Bingo Halls Division continued to improve activity levels compared to the previous quarter, due to continued customer loyalty and recovery actions, implemented since the lifting of hourly restrictions.


  • The Fire Shot Bar and China Legends models for hospitality were introduced in September and will help maintain UNIDESA’s leadership in this channel. The Manhattan Reelvolution model continued to be the gold standard in the Spanish market.
  • For the Arcades subsector, Link Mix was also introduced. This is a LINK product that incorporates two multi-game bundles, Hit The Link and Fire Shot Link, with Jackpot sharing.
  • In the Interactive area, there was a significant increase in numbers for Spain and Mexico in arcades that adopted the Forward Systems management system.