UNI Global Union and CIRSA sign global agreement on workers’ rights and corporate responsibility

29 February 2024, BARCELONA – UNI Global Union and CIRSA, a leading multinational in the gaming and entertainment sector, announced today a global agreement that reinforces a shared commitment to fundamental human and trade union rights. 

With freedom of association and collective bargaining as core elements, the agreement affirms CIRSA’s support for the workers’ right to join and be represented by a union of their choice. This commitment extends to all workers, including those engaged in telework, a first for the gaming industry.

The agreement also confirms a common support for fundamental human rights, including the active protection of social and environmental rights. UNI and CIRSA will work together on the mapping of risks, planning concrete measures to prevent or remediate them, and implement these steps. 

The agreement also details a collaborative approach to dispute resolution, emphasizing the use of good faith negotiations, mediation and arbitration in line with the International Labour Arbitration and Conciliation Rules (ILAC Rules), to fairly and quickly resolve conflicts that are not settled on a local or national level.

To ensure progress and adherence to the agreement’s principles, UNI and CIRSA will establish a monitoring committee to oversee its implementation. This committee will convene annually to discuss and address any emerging issues and to build a culture of dialogue and collaboration.

Christy Hoffman, General Secretary of UNI Global Union said, “This agreement has several firsts for the gaming industry, and it shows CIRSA’s dedication to being a socially responsible employer who takes the rights of workers seriously. We look forward to deepening our relationship with the company over the rights of workers in the years to come.”

Joaquim Agut, Executive Chairman of CIRSA said: “At CIRSA we have always been particularly sensitive to the improvement of society and with this agreement we demonstrate our commitment to keep progressing on our four areas of action: ethics, environment, employment and human rights. We are proud of this agreement with UNI and our common focus on strengthening our dialogue.”